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Consulting Food Processing, Handling and Retails

The microbiological testing laboratory team JIL will offer you sustenance in all marketing claim.

ur expert team of microbiologists conducts trainings and consultancy on Food Safety/Quality, Hygiene for food and cosmetic/pharma/Personal care industries and retails.
Our laboratory conducts Hygiene assessments, improvement recommendation as per nation and international hygiene requirements.

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Analytical microbiology testing on process control & spoilage & pathagenic bacteria

International Experience in performing microbiological testing laboratory services.

Our expert team of microbiologists will work with you to plan and develop customized testing protocols to meet your specific testing needs. Our laboratory teams work evenings and weekends to ensure that you have faster access to your analysis results.
We conduct full microbiological testing of various product and material categories such as ingredients, raw fruits and vegetables, raw meat and poultry, dairy products, eggs, processed foods, as well as various categories of ready-to-eat foods (RTE). We also conduct microbiological tests of environmental swab samples to validate the effectiveness of the cleaning procedures of your equipment, structures, drains, etc.