About Us

About Us


JUBAIL INTERNATIONAL LAB. – is newly stablished in Jubail as independent laboratories for microbiology testing. The microbiological testing laboratory – providing quality on microbiology services to Food and beverage processors, Cosmetics/Pharma and Personal care products manufacturers, Retails, Restaurants and Catering services, agriculture, industry suppliers, other various institutions, and private individuals.
We generate accurate results for your needs while adhering to strict quality standards in accordance with SFDA, SASO, GSO, WHO, AOAC, EPA, ISO and other methodologies. The microbiological testing laboratory provides fast turnaround times on all of its services.
Being comprised of a highly experienced and professional team of experts, the microbiological testing laboratory is able to provide exemplary service in all areas of microbiological testing. The microbiological testing laboratory will assist you in achieving quality / standard full product microbiology testing.
The microbiological testing laboratory of JUBAIL INTERNATIONAL LAB is one of the best-equipped laboratories in the Middle East to perform MICROBIOLOGICAL TESTING as per ISO 17025.

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